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Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Band 6 – Finn Ames und die Freunde

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Funny and wacky fantasy action for fans of magic and hard muscles!

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Mashle: Magic and Muscles - Premium Schutzhülle

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Mashle: Magic and Muscles Volume 6 – Finn Ames and Friends

Sorcerer’s Apprentice meets Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Mash returns home after a long time and enjoys spending time with his friends. An assassin sent to stop Mash from taking the qualifying exam finds himself in a pitched battle with the god seer Rayne! The unfathomable power of the seer is revealed!! Under these perilous circumstances, will Mash be able to break the current worldview and move forward?!

Item specifics:

title Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Volume 6
author Hajime Komoto
Publishers Carlsen
page count 208
Language German
release 05/02/2023
ISBN 978-3-551-02479-4

Cardnax Premium Protective Case for Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Volume 6

Optionally, you have the opportunity to order the matching Cardnax Premium protective cover for Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Volume 6 with a 50% discount . The manga will be packed in the protective sleeve before shipping, which guarantees safe shipping. Shrink-wrapped manga are excluded, here the protective cover is only included.

Size LxWxH (mm)
Carlsen Vario Medium 126x17x181

Description of the Cardnax Premium protective cover:

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